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We are scrap copper buyers in Chicago and Illinois area. Our  scrap copper buying rates are highly competitive.

We buy copper wire, aluminum copper radiators, copper no.1, copper burnt, turnings, shavings, plumbing, piping, handles, roofs, siding, and any other copper structures.

When you bring the house wire in…

We welcome big and small businesses to sell their scrap copper to the best scrap copper buyers in Chicago, us!

Our convenient scrap metal yard location makes it easier to bring in your scrap copper. We buy most of metals scrap, so if you have any other scrap metal, we will buy it!

Have Scrap Copper for Sale? Call (773) 254-1188 to speak to our scrap copper buyers today and check out our scrap copper prices!

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Current Copper Scrap Pricing – How do scrap copper buyers estimate your scrap copper?

What does copper look like?

When copper is new, it has a reddish brown color, and when it is older, it turns greenish. According to industry statistics, 80 % of the copper mined from the earth is still recycled today. Copper is the 3rd most recycled metal after iron and aluminum.

Wondering where you can find copper for scrap? Save the old appliances electric cords. Home remodeling usually provides a great quantity of copper pipes and wires.

Strip the copper wires, it raises the price you will get at the scrap yard – Just use a razor knife and slit the cover, then pull the wire out. The house wire is the  easiest to strip.


When the copper wire you brought is ready for shipping…

Clean Copper Price Per Pound – Sort your copper wire –  The best price is paid for the shiny, new copper, clean, no paint, nothing on it.

High-grade copper scrap only requires simple re-melting and re-casting, that is why it is the most valuable and the scrap copper buyers pay the highest price for it. You can get the scrap copper price per pound when you call us.

Scrap Copper #1 – uncoated, non-alloyed copper, of a decent thickness ( not the thin braided wires you find in power cords). It is found usually in  bus bars, clippings, punchings, pipe and wire over 1/16th inch thick with no brittle wire.

Scrap Copper #2 – Clean, non-alloyed. This is the other copper, braided, lightly painted. Some examples: lightly soldered pipe, bare bright copper wire, insulated wire, copper&aluminum cable scrap, copper with steel cable scrap, copper from various types of motor coils.

Copper #3 scrap is usually the soldered copper pipe scrap, copper pipe that has soldered joints. Needs not to have the bronze or brass fittings or anything else that’s not copper.

Light copper scrap usually consists of  sheet copper, foil, kettle, boilers.

Coax cable, phone wires – less money.

Scrap copper prices vary depending on the grade of scrap. Avoid getting a price over the phone, unless you know exactly what type of copper you have ( No. 1, No. 2, etc.), otherwise, the scrap yard will give you the price for No. 1 ( the highest), and you will be disappointed when you cash in because your scrap is No.3 – a few dollars per pound difference. The best practice is to let the scrap buyer check your metal scrap and weigh it in front of you by types of scrap, so you are being paid accordingly.

Normally, if you do NOT sort your scrap copper, the scrap copper buyers will pay the lowest scrap copper value for the total lot.