Aluminum Cans Recycling Chicago

Aluminum Cans Recycling Facts

Aluminum Cans Recycling Chicago

Every minute of every day, about 120,000 cans of aluminum are recycled.

More than 50% of new aluminum cans is made from recycled aluminum.aluminum can
When 1 aluminum can is recycled, it saves the amount of enough energy to run a TV set for 3 hours and saves enough energy to make another 19 new aluminum cans.

Aluminum cans can be recycled and reused indefinitely without a decline in the quality of the new final product.

Used aluminum cans can be recycled and back on the shelves in the stores as new beverage containers in about 60 days.

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Most recycled aluminum cans are coming from the consumers of beverages.IMG_0953

Preparing an aluminum can for collection involves only on step: rinsing the can. Also, crushing the cans saves storage room and makes it easier to transport. The process of recycling the aluminum cans after they are collected starts with the inspection of the cans at a metal scrap yard. They are inspected for contaminants as glass or cigarette butts, then the cans are crushed and packed into bales – usually by a baling machine. The next step is sending the aluminum cans to be melted down, to a processing plant. The bales are shredded , and the shredded metal is poured into a “pot line” furnace, where the aluminum cans become finally molten metal. The molten aluminum is then transferred to another furnace where it can be mixed with small amounts of other metals ( e.g. copper adds strength). Finally, the molten aluminum is cast into ingots or large bricksĀ  and sent to the factory for manufacturing of new items.

Resource: Debra L. Strong – “Recycling in America” Second edition

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The scrap aluminum prices fluctuate, that’s why the aluminum cans scrap prices fluctuate also. Recommended is to always call the scrap yard before you offload any aluminum scrap, so you can get the price for that day.